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a message from Cathy and Matt...

Cathy and I are ecstatic to announce that our family got bigger by one. On Thursday June 12th 7:34 am Cathy gave birth to our beautiful healthy baby girl Veronica Scarlett McCarthy via C-section. I was there in the room and it was easily the most amazing thing I ever witnessed. Beautiful from her first second on the planet. Veronica has been very easy going and maybe has cried for a total of ten minute so far ( I know it, enjoy it while it last). She seems to have very soulful eyes as she loves to stare right directly at you. We are blown away by her long fingers and monkey toes. The monkey toes our courtesy of her Pops. I can almost pick up anything with mine. lol She had a chance to meet a bunch of her new family and friends during our 3 day stay at the hospital. She loves to be held and kept close. She didn't spend one minute in the hospital bassinet other than changing and getting checked out by the doctor and nurse. Cathy is recovering a well as anybody can expect that had major surgery. She is still in pain but Veronica helps relieve her from thinking about it all the time. Cathy had a really bad cold during the last 10 days of her pregnancy. She had trouble breathing and a severe cough so it hurt her stitches when she had to cough. The cough has started to suppress so that is helping her feel better already. We brought Veronica home today and showed her her new room and house. Its almost surreal that you can love something so much so quickly. It really hasn't completely sunk in yet how amazing this is. We feel really blessed to receive this little healthy angel straight from heaven and directly from God. I will keep you updated on V's progress. Here are a few picture to tide everybody over.

Matt, Cathy and Veronica

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First Gallery of Europe

Below are pics from the trip to the Appalachian Trail (AT)

Second Hike on the AT.  November,  2007. 

Nick, Jerry and Doug.

2 Days, 16 miles.  Up to 4516 ft. 

Day 1 on the AT

Day 2 on the AT

Pictures while  leaving the AT.



Our First Hike, in October, 2007. 

Jane, Nick and Jerry.

Preparing for the AT

Arriving at the AT

Getting started on the AT.

Day 1 on the AT

Day 2 on the AT

Day 3 on the AT

Neels Gap

Flowers in Georgia

Flowers in Georgia

Breck 2008

Brasstown Bald


I'll add more updates later.







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